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As defined by the Superintendent of Insurance - State of New Mexico

An Owner’s Title Insurance Policy protects you for the full price you paid for the property plus legal costs if there’s a problem with the title after you purchased the property. In New Mexico, it is customary for the seller on a real estate transaction to provide title insurance for the buyer by purchasing an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy. Title Insurance policies and coverage’s vary.  


Some important things to know about Owner’s Title Insurance:

• You only buy it once – you’re covered as long as you own your property for title problems that happened before you bought the property.

• The coverage in an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy won’t increase as the value of your property increases over time, unless you purchase an endorsement to cover that increase in value.

• Defending your title can be expensive if there’s a problem. If your Owner’s Title Insurance Policy covers the problem, the policy will also cover those defense costs

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