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Easy Video Editor... WITH CAPTIONS!?!

So if you are anything like me, you probably spend more time scrolling through your newsfeed than you care to admit. That social media attention probably falls during times when you don't want others to know you're watching funny cat videos, like during an office meeting or conference call. You also have probably fallen victim at least once to having a video play accidentally with full volume which sent you scrambling to silence. All of this to say, we consume a lot of social media and how we consume it is changing how we need to create it. The next time you are scrolling, note which content you are most drawn to. It is likely video and it is more likely if that video has captions. Knowing this is the trend for your sphere of influence, you want to be in that trend with the content you create for your marketing. Luckily, Apple has made it easy and awesome (sorry Android users)! Open your iPhone and search "Clips". The app came included with the most recent iOS update and has a tab for "live captions" which is the most amazing thing since the internet! This app allows you to record a video of yourself or another person and transcribe what they are saying into captions! If there are misspellings or typos, they are easy to correct and will help make your content stand out ahead of the rest of your competitors. Check it out!

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